Education and Public Awareness

The club's mission includes volunteering at shows and delivery events, promoting EV knowledge to the public, and engaging friends and family in the vision of a renewable energy future.

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Social Events

Indiana is the Crossroads of America, and most Tesla owners in the state are within three or four hours of attractions such as Indiana Dunes, Brown County, or Amish Country. We have official events and informal "pop-up" drives to local destinations that we can enjoy and provide an excuse for more miles on the Tesla.

NOTE: You can see our "Community Page" on Facebook WITHOUT having a FB account or logging in to Facebook.


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New Owner Coaching

New Tesla owners can benefit from a INTOC volunteer"Co-pilot" - who serves as a mentor and coach on the new world of Tesla ownership.

Your INTOC volunteer will help you with milestones like those first full weeks trying autopilot, your first winter in the car, and your first extended road trip. And, in no time, you will be able to help the next member of the Tesla family.

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Our Story

As a club we help enhance the ownership experience by, assisting new and future owners, hosting social events, volunteering at shows, supporting legislative efforts and passionately referring friends and family to explore Tesla ownership for themselves. As a club, our efforts also include promoting: Education, EV Etiquette, Referrals, Public Awareness, Social Events, Advocacy, and Social Responsibility.


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We are modest enough not to mention the opportunities members enjoy such as periodic Tesla store discounts on clothing and accessories, invitation to private events and Q&A with the Tesla Service Center, and Tesla promotional items for key participants in club and committee participation.

If you are a Tesla Owner, Prospective Tesla Owner, or EV Enthusiast, there is a place for you in the Tesla Owners Club of Indiana!