Michael McGraw

Board Vice-Chair & Vice-President

Michael is a Security Systems advisor at SecureWorks in Indianapolis.

Michael has a 1-year term, expiring in 2020

Michael has been a sports car fan, starting with an early Datsun 240-Z. He was very active in the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) Indy Region and Wabash Valley Region and “campaigned” around the country in TSD (Time-Speed-Distance) Rallies.

Driving home from work one night he was exiting I-465 at 86th Street.  In front of him was a beautiful, black sports car that looked like a Lotus but didn’t look like one.  At the traffic light, he had just enough time to ask the driver “What car is that?” and heard “It’s a Tesla Roadster”.  Short, key question:  “Would you buy another one?”.  Answer: “Yes”.

However, when Michael visited the Tesla showroom, he only saw a 4-door sedan – not what he came for!  Michael asked to see the Roadster.  Sadly, the manager said that it had been replaced with the Model S…want to go for a test drive?”  WOW!  A “family car” that handles like a sports car and could accelerate faster than stink leaves a bug! (Yeah, he had the “Tesla Grin”.)   The 2015 Model S 85D was a joy to drive and the “gas station” was in the garage! To get “grandfathered” in Unlimited Supercharging, the 2015 was succeeded by a 2017 Model S 90D in February, 2017.  Michael’s license plate now is [ICELESS].