Are you an official Tesla Sanctioned Club?

Yes, we have gone through the process as an Indiana Corporation, and are recognized as an official club by Tesla Corporation. This enables us to build relationships with other Tesla Sanctioned Clubs throughout the US and overseas, and allows us to participate in promotional events with support of the local Service Center and Sales Showroom in the Indianapolis area. As an official club, we are required by Tesla to gather information that is held in confidence at the INTOC level but is provided to Tesla to insure that the club membership at the FULL MEMBER level consists of verified Tesla owners.

What about Tesla Owners in other areas of the state?

While the majority of current members are located in the Indianapolis area, we have INTOC members in Northern Indiana and Southwest Indiana as well.

Do you have customer service?

We are all volunteers, but we try to be responsive by email sent through our INTOC email system.

What is a typical club event like?

Basic meetups involve gathering at a set location to meet other owners, talk about our cars, share stories and experiences and sometimes have a meal or drink.

We encourage  and promote "pop-up" events of a few club members on a local basis but do not sponsor them. Official sponsored events where the club must commit to facilities or meal headcount require registration and deposits .

Anyone is welcome to come to our public meetups and we will encourage non-owners to come discover the benefits of Tesla and electric transport.

What will be expected of members?

All events will be optional and timing and scheduling will be based on the availability and desires of those that
express an interest.

Am I committing to show my vehicle  or give test rides to the public?

We never force or ask you to allow anyone else to interact
with your vehicle in any way. You will be free to make your own decisions regarding interactions with your vehicle.

As an organization, we do not sponsor or provide test rides or test drives at our events. Any owner choosing to provide a test ride or test drive will be doing so as an individual, separate from the organization.

What are the benefits of membership?

Benefits include getting to know a cool bunch of people, periodic discounts on Tesla merchandise, the ability to help drive the direction of what we do as an organization and being “plugged in” (PUN INTENDED) on what’s happening with Tesla from an Indiana perspective.

I am not yet an owner. Is that cool? How would my membership differ from a current owner?

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to become a member, even before receiving or ordering their Tesla. As Tesla owners, we actively engage with and support electric vehicle ownership in general, and welcome those interested in sustainable technologies.

What about political or activist stances?

We are not an activist organization.We have no political party affiliation or preference as an organization.

In general our expectation is that members will be advocates of both sustainable transport and Tesla's direct sales model.

We may organize to advocate for those causes in the event they should be threatened by state legislation, but any such
effort would be completely optional for members.