Mitch Rolsky,

Board Chairman & President

Mitch is a Realtor and the President of City Homes And Lifestyle At Keller Williams in Indianapolis, is also the Founding President of INTOC.

Mitch has a three-year term, expiring in 2022

Mitch an early adopter of technology and a bit of a car guy combined with what he describes as computers on four wheels when he bought his Model S (Sydney) in 2015 and a Model 3 (Eros) in 2018.

Mitch with other owners opposed Indiana’s efforts to limit Tesla’s ability to sell direct. Then in 2018, Mitch helped plan the Midwest Tesla Gathering bringing 80+ Teslas & almost 200 owners, enthusiasts and suppliers from all over the USA and world to Indy.

Mitch considers the 1st two Indiana Tesla Owners events as the 35+ visitors in his JW hotel room watching the unveiling of the Model 3 and the next day when attendees drove their Teslas over 105 MPH around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track.