Road Trip Planning? Reserve early

Planning routes off of the Supercharger Network – – –

If you are using a tool like A Better Route Planner (ABRP) to lay out your extended trip ( especially off of the Supercharger Network, don’t forget a few key points:

  1. RV Parks will fill up. If your route is dependent upon an RV 14-50 plug connection, you will want to contact them early, confirm that the 14-50 outlet is WORKING, and make a reservation with prepaid credit card. We found that national chains that advertise heavily will charge you the full rental (around $40) even if you are only there a few hours.  Mom and Pop RV parks may let you charge for an hour or two for a few bucks or for free – we found them open and friendly if they had the 14-50 service available.
  2. ABRP is on the money, at least in the summer if you have configured properly it for your vehicle, battery and weight in the settings. Start your calculations at 80% –  don’t ever assume you will have full 100% charge and depend on that margin for the day’s first leg.
  3. Charge in the evening when your battery is warmed up and your Tesla will take the charge quickly. Charging through breakfast when the battery is cold will get your day off to a slow start.
  4. Trust your nav and plan your speed. Especially in the open roads of the West it’s fun to open it up, but traveling at Warp 9 early in the leg is not a good one. Travel at or slightly below the speed limit until you are within ten percent of your next charge, make sure you have the reserve then have some fun. Just admit the possibility that the next charger may be broken  😉
  5. TALK to other people at the chargers. You’ll meet some interesting folks, and may get the info that will be critical on the next leg.
  6. CHECK IN on Plugshare or the NDili  Superchargers for Tesla App – update your info and comments. Points of Interest change, restaurants go out of business, or there may be six lanes of traffic to be crossed to the place you planned lunch.
  7. Pull up the charger on your NAV, then add the satellite imagery and overlays. That will give you the critical “300 foot view” that shows the charger on the other side of the shopping center, or inside the airport fence in short term parking. not on the access road.                                                           (I’m talking about you, Chattanooga) 
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