Crowdsourced Tesla Voice Commands

Here’s a list for Model 3 and newer X and S owners to try

Voice Commands (crowdsourced list of 125):

Show/hide calendar

Open Browser

Show/hide charging screen

Open/Close Easter Eggs

Open/Close Energy [App]

Open/Close Phone

Open/Close Toybox

[File] Bug report [brief description]

Report Error

Adjust mirrors

Adjust steering wheel

Eject Passenger Seat

Enable/Disable sentry mode

Fold/Unfold mirrors

Lock/unlock doors

Lock/Unlock Windows

My butt is cold

Open/Close charge port door

Open/Close Internet

Set (XXX) Seat Heater to (YYY)

Set front seats to YYY

Set rear seats to YYY

Set wipers [to] auto /1/2/3/4

Show Homelink Settings

Show Wi-Fi [Settings]

Show/Close Backup/Rear Camera

Show/Close Bluetooth

Slow down windshield wipers

Speed up wipers

Turn off windshield wipers

Turn on windshield wipers

Turn on/off dome lights

Turn on/off all seat heaters

Turn on/off child locks

Turn on/off front defroster

Turn on/off rear defroster

Turn on/off rear seat heaters

Turn on/off the defogger

Warm up my butt

Wipers Descrease

Wipers Increase

Wipers Max

Wipers Min

Open/Close Owner’s Manual

Show me tire pressures

Show Trip

Open/Close/Show/Hide Autopilot [Settings]

Open/Close/Show/Hide Display [Settings]

Open/Close/Show/Hide Driving [Menu/Settings]

Open/Close/Show/Hide Lights Settings

Open/Close/Show/Hide Locks

Open/Close/Show/Hide Navigation Settings

Open/Close/Show/Hide Quick Controls [Settings]

Open/Close/Show/Hide Safety & Security [Settings]

Open/Close/Show/Hide Service Settings

Open/Close/Show/Hide Software [Version/Settings]

Set dome lights to automatic

Ho Ho Ho

Rainbow Road

Crank It Up

Enable/Disable Joe Mode

I fart in your general direction

Increase/Decrease Brightness

My butt is [too] hot

Open trunk

Open/close garage [door]/Activate Homelink

Set headlights to On/off/parking/Auto

Save Dashcam

Turn it down/up

Turn on parking lights

Play Backgammon

[Show] Entertainment

Adjust/Move [driver/passenger] air left/right/center/up/down

I’m cold

Increase/Decrease the temperature X degrees

Increase/Decrease fan speed

Make it cooler

Make it warmer

My feet are cold/hot

Open/Close HVAC controls

Set fan to automatic

Set fan to X

Set [Driver/Passenger] temperature to XX

split/sync/unsync [Climate]

Sync XXX to YYY

To infinity and beyond

Turn off “H” “Vac”

Turn on/off Camp mode

Turn on/off Dog Mode

Turn on/off fan

Turn on/off floor, face level, windshield vent

Turn on/off recirculate

Open the glovebox

Show seat heaters

Show the odometer

[Media] Pause/Resume


Open/Close Music

Open/Show Hulu

Open/Show NetFlix

Open/Show YouTube


Search for

Show media

Skip Forward/Backward

Turn on/off steering wheel heater

Cancel Navigation

Drive to

[Let’s] Go Home

Go to airport

[Let’s] Go to Work

Navigate to

Show Map

Take me to

Turn on/off satellite mode/view

Turn on/off Traffic Display/view

Where are the supercharger stations

Zoom in/out on the map


Open phone app

Show Phone Messages

Show text message

Text Message

Go to XX


Source: V10.2 Tesla Voice Commands, created by Twitter: @LifeMiddie

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